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Dirty Grandpa 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Movie Trailer

It was a spectacular and hilarious film when famous actors Robert De Niro and Zack Efron shared screen space. Everybody was excited and surprised about dirty grandpa 2. 

Zac Efron, who starred in the ‘Neighbor,’ has not had his time of success, and Robert De Niro has not been on movie high of his new film releases.

Everyone always loved a good sense of humor in American comedy, and it took the community’s attention to see an acting legend teaming up with a rising star.

Many fans and viewers have been throwing questions about a sequel of the ‘Dirty Grandpa’ film. But, before that, let’s talk a little bit about ‘Dirty Grandpa,’ the first film, so that we may have a good and brief idea of what to expect, should there be a sequel.

The First Film – Dirty Grandpa

The movie ‘Dirty Grandpa’ was directed by Dan Mazer. It tells the story of an uptight young man named Jason Kelly, who was trick into escorting his grandpa, a former Army Lieutenant Colonel with a passionate personality, and finds himself traveling to Florida for Spring Break.

Robert De Niro played the role of ‘dirty grandpa,’ and ‘Zack Efron played Jason Kelly.’ The film also features other movie stars like Aubrey Plaza as ‘Lenore’ and Zoey Deutch as ‘Shadia.’

The film was released on January 22, 2016, and has received several feedbacks among critics because of its juvenile humor and sensuality. Nevertheless, the movie was a box office success, with earnings of $105 million US Dollars, considering their movie budget of $25 million US Dollars.

The success would interest the company in producing a sequel to the film. So there might just be a chance to make a second movie.

However, filmmakers, production companies, and actors have not yet announced any upcoming film sequel updates. Many viewers have already thought that it would be a promising opportunity.

Here are the things we need to know about the untitled sequel of ‘Dirty Grandpa.’

Dirty Grandpa 2: Plot

The first film plot was diverse. It allowed the movie makers to venture out into different and new genres of the plot. We can expect that the second film will be another adventure of the duo characters of Dick Kelly and Jason Kelly.

Both of the actors came from different generations of film careers. However, they were a great match.

We can also expect more new characters, actors, and movie events that we surely could not expect, mostly when the first movie was profitable.

Many viewers have given their thoughts on the film’s new plot, following how Dick and Jason have settled into their own lives. Now that Jason is no longer uptight, people are expecting more of a radical and hilarious adventure. Some might say that getting the touch of being unpredictable gives more of a breathtaking experience to viewers. We can never really tell, but I hope to see a sequel to this fantastic comedy film.

Dirty Grandpa 2: Cast

While many critics have bashed the first film cast, they still have received recognitions and award nominations in their successful role.

Robert De Niro is one of the most famous and experienced actors of our time and has always proven himself without any explanation needed. We can see him again. Indeed his presence and role will gain viewers of different genres.

As one of the rising stars on the big screen, Zac Efron would be interested in playing the role of Jason Kelly. It was a successful film, and to be working again with the same opportunity as the cast. He can look forward to another rewarding movie.

Audrey Plaza is one of the new faces in the comedy industry and has been busy with other productions. There has not been any news of newer projects. She might be well included in the second film as her character has spotted a unique twist of the story.

Zoey Deutch has her other projects as well on both the big screen and on Netflix. Since the first film ended with her and Zack, the sequel will include her role again.

Dirty Grandpa 2: Crew

Dan Mazer has already proved his talent to himself and the viewers by his record of well-known comedy films. His potential for a great movie has been demonstrated again with the success of ‘Dirty Grandpa.’

For the yet to come ‘Dirty Grandpa 2’, there has been no news of who will be taking on the movie project. Mazer’s opportunity to direct the second film is still there since he has not yet made other productions since the first film.

Other crew such as film score composer Michael Andrews, cinematography Eric Alan Edwards, and editor Anne McCabe, still have the opportunity to work on the project, if there should be since none of them are attached to any other projects.

Dirty Grandpa 2: Release Date

The first film was released in January of 2016. Usually, it will take another two years after the new project has been declared for movies with sequels.

The expected second film of ‘Dirty Grandpa’ has not yet been announced. If it were to be confirmed within this month, we could look forward to a release date in 2022.

Considering the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high chance that the movie will be stretched for another 1 or 2 years.

Dirty Grandpa 2: Movie Trailer

Since there has been no notice for ‘Dirty Grandpa 2’, there is no movie trailer for the sequel.

You might find some fan-made videos of their ideas on an upcoming sequel.

Movie trailers are mostly available when there are a confirmed project, date, and release.

If you have not seen the movie yet, this would be a great chance to watch it.

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