frank lucas net worth

Frank Lucas Net Worth

Frank Lucas Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Biography, Wife, Children. Learn more about the life and times of Frank Lucas who was a renowned American drug lord and organized crime figure in the 1960s and 1970s.

Frank Lucas is an American entrepreneur best known for founding the discount retailer Sam’s Club and for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in United States. The net worth of Frank Lucas is $2 billion. He made his first million as a teenager, then founded Sam’s Club in 1982 with his brothers.

Frank Lucas Net Worth is the estimated worth of Frank Lucas, a Canadian politician who served as Member of Parliament for the Toronto riding of Eglinton—Lawrence from 2004 to 2011.

The net worth of frank lucas. We have collected some interesting information about  salary, house, cars, and many other interesting things.

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Frank Lucas is an entrepreneur, writer, marketer, speaker and the founder of Lucid Marketing. He has developed hundreds of digital products and helped companies grow their online businesses

Frank Lucas is a web developer and designer who specializes in custom WordPress themes and plugins. He has been working with WordPress since 2007 and has contributed to many open source projects.

Our “About Frank Lucas” page explains what we do and the products we offer. You’ll also find out about our staff, company history, and how to contact us.

Frank Lucas is an entrepreneur, designer and inventor. He’s an international speaker, author and entrepreneur.

He has developed many successful products, like the Fuzzbuster, a patented device for eliminating unwanted hair.

Wife and Children

The wife and children frank lucas net worth is listed at $2 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Frank is married to his high school sweetheart and has four children together. In total, he has six kids and five grandchildren. Frank is also the founder of Lucas Oil

Here you can find the most up-to-date news and information about Wife and Children . You can find out all you need to know about Frank Luca’s finances, including income and assets, as well as any news about his personal life.

Frank Lucas is a well-known actor and writer. His wife, Catherine, is also a famous actress and the two have been married since 1988. Frank is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The couple has four children, and has an additional daughter from his previous marriage.


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On this site, you’ll find frank lucas net worth, earnings, revenue, and financial data. Frank Lucas is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is best known as the founder of the LucasArts video game development studio.

is $150 Million, $250 Million, $500 Million and $1 Billion. This figure comes from Forbes and other publications.

: Frank Lucas is a retired American auto racing team owner. He was the founder of the car racing team Lucas Oil. He was born on June 20, 1945, in Columbus, Ohio.

The founder of the LucasArts video game studio has a net worth of $600 million dollars. Here’s a quick look at his earnings and financial data.


In conclusion frank lucas net worth,  is a famous American film director and screenwriter. Frank Lucas is the founder of 20th Century Fox which has given him lots of success in his career. He is one of the most influential film directors in Hollywood history. In addition to being a successful film director, he is also a well-known screenwriter

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