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Gimkit Hack Extension-2023 

Have you been flawed for trying the wrong Gimkit Hacks? Hacking Gimkit is quite easy if you have the direct guide we have detailed in this article. You can use the Gimkit Hacks to get infinite money and other resources.

We advise you to follow the steps as detailed in this article to make sure you successfully hack Gimkit. In this guide, we are going to explain and guide you on the 4 methods of Gimkit Hacks. All these methods apply to Google Chrome Browser more than any other browser.

So, if you have Google Chrome browser ready for the hack. Let’s proceed without wasting precious time.

Method #1: How to Hack Gimkit Using GitHub?

We will discuss two steps on how to hack Gimkit using GitHub. With the first step, you will get an auto-answer bot and infinite money in the session. To hack Gimkit with GitHub, you have to sign up at before you can copy the code.

The second step of the GitHub Gimkit hack will be carried out in the Gimkit game session. This will allow us to get a good result. With that said let‘s kick off.

STEP1# Sign Up on GitHub to copy hacking code:


  • Launch
  • Register with them by creating an account with them.
  • Once done, select all the categories. This will give you access to the GitHub Dashboard.
  • Type in “seanv999/Gimkit” and click on the “seanv999/Gimkit blue link.” But if you’re already a GitHub user, just click on the Seanv999/Gimkit directly.
  • Navigate down to see the copy symbol on the screen you’re redirected. Copy the GitHub code by clicking on it. This code is important for the second step.

Step2# Move on to the Gimkit Game session:

  • Browse to your gameplay page. If you’re a new user, you can sign up for the learning game with your information.
  • Choose the kit to host.
  • Move to select a game mode and click on continue.
  • On the page, set your game timer and your game goal.
  • Click on continue again to proceed to launch the game.
  • At the numeric link presented, click to copy the gameplay link.
  • Launch the link in a new tab, tap on join, and input your username. Click on join once you have entered your username.
  • Return to the host page and start the game.
  • To hack the game, start tapping on the answers option. This will start the hacking process.
  • Any answer you tapped on will open a URL. Delete all the URLs and type in javascript: Paste the GitHub code, paste the code you copied in STEP1 after the javascript: and click on Enter to start hacking

  • A pop-up notification will come up, click on Ok to proceed with the hacking.
  • Tap “E” on your computer keyboard, this will generate the answers.

If these steps didn’t hack the Gimkit game. Proceed with other hacking options discussed here.

Method2# How to hack Gimkit using the inspect element method?

We have gotten a handful of articles on how to use the inspect element to hack Gimkit. That’s the method we will apply below. Rest assured is easier to do if you follow the steps. You will need to hack Gimkit with Google Chrome.

  • Click to copy this Code. Copy only the code, not the entire page. You can select the code to make sure the codes are gotten.
  • Navigate to your browser to open the Gimkit session you want to hack.
  • The Gimkit session will launch, and multi-questions displayed. Click at any point in the page and click on “Inspect” as seen on the page.
  • Now tap on Console while at the Inspect Element screen. The panel is located at the top right corner.
  • Paste your copied code where the cursor is pointing. Just as ours is pointing here.
  • Tap Enter on your PC keyboard to trigger.
  • Once you tapped the Enter key, a screen will pop up with hacking commands. You can copy or memorize the commands as you will use them. Now click OK.
  • Tap on Enter again to trigger the Gimkit warning notification. The notification will read According to this statement, you accept that we nor ecc521 are to blame if you get banned or punished.” Now tap OK and proceed.
  • Paste the memorized hacking command and hit the Enter key to start the hack.
  • Press to start the hacking process. Press when you want to take a break.
  • Once done, refresh the browser and see what you have hacked.

If this process should fail to hack the game, head over to the third method. The reason for all these methods is that Gimkit is steadily blocking bugs on its platform. So, it’s never easy getting in there.

Method3# How to hack Gimkit without using hacking code:


If all other steps have failed. We can try the Gimkit hack without hacking code this period. Let’s start

  • Launch the game session you want to cheat on.
  • At the top right corner, right-click on the $0. From the menu, select Inspect.
  • Tap on Elements from the inspection page. Doubleclick on the $0 and backspace the $0. Now type in any amount ($10000).
  • After inserting your amount of money. Click Enter and close the inspect element panel.
  • You can now select the accurate answer and tap on the Shop symbol.
  • Select “Payment per question” and choose level 9.
  • To receive your inserted money, tap OK on the pop-up showing “Payment purchased”.

Method4# How to get infinite money using third-party software?

  • You can also get infinite money with the app ninja money generator.
  • You can gimkit hacks without launching any session with the app ninja money generator software.
  • Let’s see how to generate money with this software.
  • Launch another tab of the same browser, the Money Generator software. Follow the steps below to get infinite money.
  • To protect your account from being banned. Make sure to use a VPN.

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