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This blog contains many photos of the top male actors with their toupee on. I know, it’s a bit weird, but it’s really fun to look at.

Our popular toupblog tells us who has the most impressive head of hair. There’s also a poll to find out which actor had the best tuxedo in a movie.

Actors with toupees is a web site dedicated to the world of film and television. The goal of the site is to show fans of television, films, and entertainment in general, who wear hairpieces and wigs to play different roles in different productions. We provide the latest news on movie casting and film industry news.

We are going to start off by mentioning that we know there are a ton of websites out there dedicated to actor with toupees. We have decided to not mention the actors by name but instead, just talk about it in general terms. In this article, we are going to be discussing the different types of actors with toupees and their various roles.

1 Jason Statham actor with toupees

Jason Statham is an actor who appeared in a number of films such as Crank, The Transporter, The Italian Job, and Death Race. He has been in some movies with a lot of action and violence. But one thing that is different between him and other actors is his toupee.

Jason Statham has become one of the most popular action stars in the world. He was born in England and moved to the U.S. at the age of nine, where he still lives. Jason has starred in more than 25 movies. His first major role was as “Pizza Dog” in the 1997 movie, Grown Ups.

2 Robert Pattinson actor with toupees

Robert Pattinson has always had one of the most striking hairstyles. In his recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, the actor sported a fresh cut that was very different from what he has usually worn.

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3 Patrick Stewart actor with toupees

Patrick Stewart is the famous actor who played Captain Picard in Star Trek and X-Men. He was born in Scotland in 1939. Now he is married with three kids. His full name is Patrick Charles Stewart.

Patrick Stewart, Actor and Canadian Parliamentarian is known for his roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Men, Legends of Tomorrow, and Captain Picard.

4 Samuel L. Jackson actor with toupees

This is a blog about Samuel L. Jackson, the actor and the toupé. I love this actor very much, because he’s always nice to me. His toupee can be different from time to time. It’s quite amazing and hilarious.

Actor and singer Samuel L. Jackson has had a number of different hairstyles in his long career. He’s worn them all, and it seems like the toupee is his default look, even though it may not be the most flattering choice for him or his fans. Let’s take a look at the various styles he’s had, and what

5 Dwayne Johnson actor with toupees

Dwayne Johnson the actor who is a former professional wrestler has always had a hair transplant procedure done by the well known Dr. Robert Harley. He has gone under the knife once before in 2007 for a hair transplant.

Dwayne Johnson is the actor who played the role of “Mack” in the TV series “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.” He has also played roles as a boxer in movies such as “The Game Plan,” and “The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior.” We have some images of his actors with toupes in our collection. You can see them


This blog post is about the actors with toupees, Conclusion, actor with toupee. The man behind the toupee was nominated for the 2015 Independent Spirit Award and received a nomination for the MTV Movie Award for Best Performance.

The toupee comes in many forms. Some are small enough to fit in a pocket, while others are as large as a pillow. There are also toupées made from fabrics that can be worn over or under a hair style.


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