i slept with the villain holding my hand

I slept with the villain holding my hand is a story of Merria was a woman who lived in the kingdom of Alda with her father and mother. She was born to a noble family, as well as being a legendary beauty. However, one day, she was suddenly attacked by an unknown masked man and was taken away by him.

The masked man killed Merria’s parents and took her away to his castle where he brought her up as his daughter. i slept with the villain holding my hand She grew up in this castle and learned about how to be useful for him.

I Slept with the Villain Holding My Hand

However, when the time came for Merria to become an adult, she got betrayed by her foster father and went through a lot of suffering until she escaped from his hands.

Eventually, she returned home after many years but unfortunately realized that her village had been destroyed due to war between Alda’s kingdom and another country several years ago; only ruins remained there now.

She then decided to become a mercenary knight herself so that she could make money selling swords or armor and live alone without relying on anyone else but herself i slept with the villain holding my hand. Therefore, Merria became a mercenary knight who fought battles on behalf of Alda’s kingdom against the other country’s forces with her sword skills.

The story itself was quite interesting and captivating, although it starts out slow with only one chapter per day. The pace then picks up when they start going out together and gets even faster when they fall in love with each other. There are some funny parts in between too (especially when they’re spying on each other), which makes it feel more realistic than most novels do (even though there are no real-life events like this!).

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