is anthony kiedis gay

Is Anthony Kiedis gay?

Anthony Kiedis recently opened up to Joe Rogan about is anthony kiedis gay. Keidis said he didn’t take narcotics because it was fun – he did it because it was dangerous. However, Kiedis added, he paid a heavy toll for his recklessness and risk-taking:

“It had nothing to do with rock n’ roll. It was exciting and dangerous, like, Hmmm, everyone is afraid of that, I think I’ll do that thing that just the word scares people. But it was also a way of checking out… I felt whole by putting these things in me, until I had to pay the toll.”

Anthony has been straight all his life

In 1984, Anthony and his Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmates posed for the LA-based gay porn magazine In Touch. Flea, a band member, said the band agreed to pose for In Touch not because they were gay but because most of their fans were from the LGBTQ community.

“The gay community in Los Angeles were the first ones to really embrace the Chili Peppers,” Flea told The Guardian while admitting that he experimented with men before finding out he wasn’t gay. “To me, it wasn’t a big deal,” Flea said. “I was experimenting and it turns out, ‘hey, I’m not gay.’ So, it’s not really my story.”

Keidis, on the other hand, hasn’t admitted to having a gay experience. Blackie Dammett, Anthony’s father, didn’t give his son a chance to experiment. After the 11-year-old Keidis moved in with him, Dammett provided him with drugs and women.

Blackie allegedly let Keidis sleep with Dammett’s 18-year-old girlfriend. Keidis claimed he was 13 when he had his first sexual encounter – with Cher! In his memoir Scar Tissue, he wrote that he spent the night with Cher, his father’s friend, after she offered to babysit him.

Unfortunately, Keidis inherited his father’s liking for young girls – he admitted to having intercourse with a 14-year-old girl when he was 23.

Anthony never spoke of an attraction to men; instead, he confessed to having sexual relations with multiple women annually. “If I saw a pretty girl, I wanted to have her,” he told Stern.

Keidis wrote that despite having many sexual partners, he still felt hollow inside: “As exciting and temporarily fulfilling as the constant influx of interesting and beautiful girls can be, at the end of the day, that shit is lonely and you’re left with nothing is anthony kiedis gay.”

Keidis is currently dating a mysterious woman

Keidis has a long and storied relationship history involving several celebrities and models. Anthony shares a son, Everly Bear, with Heather Christie. Anthony told The Sun that his breakup with Heather inspired the album The Getaway:

“To be so in love with somebody and then have it not work out even though you would have done anything to figure it out. I was definitely shaken and saddened.”

In May 2022, Keidis was spotted with a mysterious woman in Los Angeles. She’s believed to be his current love interest. Anthony talked to Stern about his attitude toward dating:

“I talked about this yesterday with a friend: do we focus on finding a person who fits with us, or will we remain single? I am open to both. If the right one comes – wonderful. If not, I accept what the universe has intended for me is anthony kiedis gay.”

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