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Kristy McNichol is an American actress best known for playing cheerleader Julie Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Magician. She was also featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine in the 1980’s. She won a Golden Globe Award in 1984 for her role as the title character in the television film Six Weeks.

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Kristy is the founder of She has worked for the past 20 years as a budget-savvy mom who loves finding affordable ways to make her life easier and her family’s life more enjoyable. Her husband Chris works in web design and development, so he gets a good laugh out of all the new gadgets Kristy finds

Kristy is a self-taught artist who specializes in digital art, painting, mixed media, and drawing. She is also the creator of The Art of Kristy, a blog featuring her work.

Kristy is a creative business coach and artist who helps women entrepreneurs improve their businesses, brands, and careers through creative marketing and brand development. She specializes in helping small business owners create a unique brand identity to make their businesses stand out from the crowd.

Who is Kristy Mcnichol

The Who Is blog covers everything about the founder of this site. Learn about her, her background, where she lives, her family, and what kind of person she is.

A Blog about our founder, Kristy McNichol, including a look at her background, work history and inspirations as well as her current projects.

Kristy McNichol is a former child star who gained fame in the 1970s as the “It Girl” of Hollywood. She had a brief acting career, but her life became complicated after she began dating a teenage actor named Michael Fassbender. She later wrote about her life in her memoir, Life as We Know It, published in 1987.

Kristy Mcnichols’ mission is to educate others about the benefits of using the internet as a source of information and education, by sharing her journey from computer illiterate to a self-taught webmaster, blogger, and author.

Kristy McNichol, also known as K.C. McNichol or KC McNichol, is an American actress who rose to fame in the 1970s after portraying the role of Julie Nichols on the television series Happy Days.

Kristy McNichol Family

The Kristy McNichol Family website features the latest news and updates from the Kristy McNichol Memorial Fund as well as the many ways you can help in her memory. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the charity by visiting

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Kristy McNichol is best known for her role in the TV show, “Laverne and Shirley.” However, she went on to have a successful acting career, as well as a career as an author, speaker, and activist. She was also the founder of the Kristy McNichol Family Foundation.

Kristy McNichol was the first female child star in American television history and one of the most beloved actresses in movie history. Born in 1945, she was nicknamed “Cookie” due to her bright red hair. She began acting in commercials at the age of two, and by the time she was nine, she had played several lead roles on TV, including

Kristy McNichol was a child star who became known as the first child actor to become a teen icon with her performance in the television movie “And Then There Were None”.

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Kristy McNichol brother was also a famous kid.

Kristy McNichol is a famous American actress. Her brother is an actor too. His name is Robert McNichol. He has a wife, children and grandchildren.

Kristy is one of the most famous kids of the 1980s. As the only child of actor Robert and actress/model Karen, she had a very troubled childhood. She moved from Los Angeles to L.A. County in 1983, to live with her father Robert, who was a television actor at the time. However, their relationship ended soon after. In 1983,

The Kristy McNichol brother was also a famous kid. And in this video, he talks about his family, his relationship with Kristy McNichol, and what her life would be like if she was not killed by an auto accident in 1992.

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Kristy Mcnichol Age

This is a blog about kristy mcnichol age. There are some photos from her personal life and there are also some images of her career in modeling.

Kristy McNichol (born January 6, 1970), known simply as Kristy, is an American actress and author. She has played the character “Kiki” in sixteen movies produced by Walt Disney Pictures from 1990–2000 and has also written a book about her life as an actress.

Kristy Mcnichol, a.k.a. Miss Kristy, is an entrepreneur who has created a variety of products that are used by millions of people each day, such as the best selling Smart Lipstick in the world.

Kristy Mcnichol is an award-winning makeup artist whose clients include the stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, as well as other celebrities.

Kristy is a WordPress Developer who likes to make things. She also enjoys helping people. Her main focus is building awesome sites for her clients.


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Kristy mcnichol is a certified yoga instructor, certified fitness coach and a life and business coach. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Coaches and the Yoga Alliance. She loves writing and she hopes her words inspire others to create success in their lives.

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