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Mariana Dubrovsky Zillow (How To Be Rich On Zillow)

This apartment mariana dubrovsky zillow found on Zillow has cornflower blue walls and original details, with crown molding still intact — a rarity among today’s bleached and flavorless condo renovations. It has picture windows and a functional fireplace, and it’s only a couple blocks from Prospect Park. It isn’t perfect; the kitchen is mismatched and hideous, and the second of the two bedrooms is minuscule, little more than a walk-in closet with a window. But it’s big enough for a small child, and the place is charming, well-cared-for, and modestly sized without being a grim shoebox.

It would be perfect for my husband and me and our dog and even a kid if we decided to have one. I can envision our bed frame and the little armchair in the bedroom next to the window and my favorite of the framed art we own in the dining area. I imagine how I would renovate the kitchen, replacing the metallic backsplash with sunny yellow tile, installing old-fashioned cabinets and a checkered floor.

But the apartment costs $850,000, not including homeowners association fees ($570), home insurance ($298), and property taxes ($460). The total monthly cost, according to Zillow, would be $4,546. A 20% down payment would be $170,000; a lower down payment, while possible, would carry with it mortgage insurance and, likely, higher interest.

Despite the apartment’s humble size and middle-class appearance, owning it is an impossibility. A daydream, nothing more. Millennials are less likely to buy a home than previous generations were between the ages of 25 and 39, and it isn’t because we don’t want to. Research shows that we do.

But as homeownership becomes less of a reality and more of an illusion, many of us resort to merely imagining ourselves in our own homes via the internet. Websites like Zillow, StreetEasy, and or real estate-dedicated Instagram accounts like allow many of us to daydream about the security and stability that we could have if we could buy a home. Meanwhile, we’re stuck renting, which, even with a decent landlord, research shows is destabilizing and mentally unhealthy compared with homeownership.

“The only thing that makes me feel less mad about all the pretty houses I walk by that I look up to see I can’t afford is how fugly the interiors are via StreetEasy,” says Laura, a digital strategist in New York who requested anonymity. “When I see an interesting-looking building, I always look it up. I want to know how much it’s ‘worth’ and how much it has appreciated over time. But also to see what ugly ass shit the current owners have done with the inside.”

I do this as well but on Instagram instead of mariana dubrovsky zillow or StreetEasy. I’ve followed real estate Instagram accounts for a while now, daydreaming about buying a gorgeous Craftsman in Pasadena or a farmhouse in Tennessee, but it wasn’t until I found that my ogling became a full-blown obsession.

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