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Raiatua brando is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors in the world. Known for starring in hit movies such as The Godfather, On The Waterfront, and A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon has won many awards- two Golden Globe awards, two Academy awards, one Cannes Film Festival awards, etc. Despite these accolades, Brando didn’t have the most peaceful life.

The renowned actor had eleven kids- amongst which was Raiatua Brando. However, there is a story behind how Raiatua became Marlon’s daughter.

Keep reading to find out more information about Raiatua and Marlon’s other kids.

Private Life

Raiatua Brando is Tarita Tumi Teriʻipaia’s niece who was later adopted by Marlon Brando. Since Raiatua isn’t an official child of Marlon, there’s limited information about her birth or childhood. However, what is certain is that Raiatua was adopted by the American TV star in 1982. At this time, Teriʻipaia and Marlon would have been divorced for ten years.

However, Marlon Brando was born on the 13th of April, 1924 and Tarita Teriʻipaia was born on the 29th of December, 1941. Marlon married two women and had several lovers with which he fathered about nine kids and adopted two. Even though he was an impeccable actor with several awards to his name, his life was full of turbulent episodes.


Raiatua Brando has ten siblings from Marlon Brando and three different women- Anna Kashfi, Movita Castaneda, and Tarita Teriipaia. Marlon also had sexual relationships with other women including his housekeeper, Maria Christina Ruiz.

Raiatua’s siblings are; Christian, Miko, Simon Teihotu, Rebecca, Tarita Cheyenne, Mamiti, Ninna Priscilla, Miles Jonathan, Timothy Gahan, Petra Brando-Corval. Similar to their father, each of the kids above have had their share of negative experiences, especially Christian.

Why Is Christian Brando Popular?

Christian Brando is the first child of Marlon Brando and ex-wife, Anna Kashfi. He was born in 1958 and walked in the footsteps of his father which led him to become an actor. Christian would go on to star in some hit movies such as Unmasked Part 25 and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!

Even though he was a successful actor, his skills in front of the camera isn’t the reason why his name always pops up whenever Marlon Brando is mentioned. Instead, his violent episodes were what made his name in many headlines for years. For instance, Deborah Brando (Christian’s ex-wife) sued him for physical abuse in 2005. His wife also mentioned that he threatened to kill her when their daughter was present.

Christian was also charged with manslaughter for killing his half-sister Cheyenne’s boyfriend, Dag Drollet in 1990.

Raiatua Brando’s Net worth

Even though Marlon Brando adopted Raiatua, she wasn’t included in his will which was revealed after his passing in 2004. It’s difficult to ascertain Raiatua’s net worth because there’s not a lot of information about her career online and she lives a private life.

Marlon Brando might have been one of the most influential actors in the world but his personal life wasn’t enviable. Marlon spent most of his days trying to protect his kids from fame’s toxicity but couldn’t succeed. However, he was an activist who marched for Black American and American Indian:s rights.

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