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Sarla Thakral: India’s First Woman To Fly An Aircraft

Sarla Thakral is the first woman to fly solo around the world. She has been in business for more than 60 years.

Sarla Thukral was born in 1936 in India. She was one of the only women pilots in India during her time. She joined the Royal Air Force after World War I, where she became the only woman to be commissioned into the RAF as an officer. After the war, she joined the Indian Air Force and eventually became India’s first female military pilot

Sarla Thukral was born on 25th March 1936 in the village of Sowkani (in the state of Maharashtra, India) and she became the first Indian woman to gain a commercial pilot license. At the age of 27 she joined the Air Transport Services of India as an apprentice pilot. In August 1944 she was given her first solo flight. This led

Sarla Thukral was the first woman in India to receive an air ticket to fly as an air hostess. She is a famous Indian woman pilot who started flying at the age of 27.

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Early Life of Sarla Thakral

The early life of Sarla Thakral, the first Indian woman pilot who took off from an aerodrome in India and flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean, is the subject of a new book.

A pioneer in women’s aviation, Sarla Thakral was born in Mumbai, India. She attended the Government Girls High School in Mumbai before attending Lady Brabourne College in Calcutta for her undergraduate studies. She completed her MSc in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK, in 1969

This is the very first biography of Indian aviation pioneer Sarla Thakral, the first female pilot in India to fly solo. This book reveals many unknown facts of her life.

Journey Back Home Sarla Thakral

On our popular women empowerment blog, you can read about Sarla Thakral and her journey to become the first woman pilot in India, as well as learn how to get more involved in the movement for gender equality in your own life.

Journey Back Home Sarla Thakral first woman pilot. We have been working hard since 2011 to make a place where we can share some of the amazing people of our planet. We believe that this place is very important because it can help us understand ourselves better, and we also want to contribute to the progress of our world. The aim of our blog is

Sarla Thakral, the first woman pilot in India to have successfully completed her commercial training as a pilot at the Airline Training Academy (ATA), Bengaluru, has been selected for conversion to an air hostess with Indian Airlines. She is currently awaiting her conversion training with the airline.

A few months ago, a flight of Sarla Thakral became the first-ever women pilot in India. On August 28, 2011, Sarla flew her Cessna 172 from Mumbai to Pune on a solo mission.


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