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This is my first time on the blog! “/q19ehhchjky ” is a short documentary on youtube about a man named Aziz who returns to his hometown of Nador, Morocco, after many years away. The video follows Aziz as he visits his family and friends, and as he reflects on his life and his experiences on https://youtu.be/wxkdt0ricug.

Full Video on https://youtu.be/q19ehhchjky

The video begins

Aziz arrives at the airport in Nador. He then goes to the hotel.

Aziz arrived in Nador yesterday afternoon for his trip to Morocco. He took a taxi from the airport to his hotel.

Nador is the capital city of Nador province in Morocco. This city has been on the news lately because it was the site where a major terrorist attack took place. On January 9th 2011, terrorists attacked the Jewish Museum killing 38 people.

On his next day:

On his next day, Aziz goes to visit his old friends, who live in the city where he grew up. He visits them in their old neighbourhood. After they have greeted each other, Aziz explains why he has come and invites them to join him for lunch. They are surprised to hear that Aziz is living in a very expensive apartment and owns several businesses.

On the last day of his visit

In the last day of his visit , Aziz goes to the beach to see the sunset. He sits in a hammock and watches the sun set.

Aziz visits a resort town on the south coast. While he waits for the bus, he sees an old man walking along the main street. The old man is wearing a hat and sunglasses and carries a cane. He walks slowly and stops occasionally to look at the view. As the bus pulls up in front of the stop, the old man boards.


Aziz’s journey to Nador is also a reminder of the power of memories. Our memories are a part of who we are. They shape our identity and our personality. They make us who we are /q19ehhchjky.

Our memories are also a source of strength and comfort. When we are feeling down, we can look back on our memories and remember the good times. Our memories can help us to cope with difficult times and to find hope for the future.

Aziz’s journey to Nador is a reminder that our memories are precious. We should cherish them and keep them alive. Our memories are a part of who we are, and they will always be with us.


The video /q19ehhchjky (“Returning to the town”) is an original short film created by Aziz’s . In this film, we follow a young man (the protagonist, Qusay) as he returns home after many years to see the town and people he left behind. He revisits the places he used to frequent

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