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The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter is a good manhwa and has been gaining popularity.

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Synopsis Of The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter

If you do not feel love, feel the joy of happiness.” A curse of love was placed on Lewellyn an enchanting princess who once loved but was sadly left behind.

To avoid the curse, she’d need to sleep with someone else! Then she opens her private space.

Her childhood acquaintance Armandite who was reincarnated as a Hero from the Holy Sword, Commander Tristan is as hard as a stone, but still wanders all around her.

Beautiful, but somehow twisted the Holy Priest Ernel. Watching her, “someone. Is she successful in breaking the curse in peace? Who will be the princess with the thorns?

The princess said, “It is beautiful.” He was smiling beautifully. “Princess, do you like my body? “Princess Do you love my body but not me?”

Tristan said in the voice of a man who had all broken. “Princess,” she said, “I am referring to.” “… … .” “I did not want to be held in this way.” “Hush!” Lewellyn gazed at Armandite.

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The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter Spoilers

Let’s start The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter Spoilers.

After discovering that her husband was killed in battle, Anna Belle goes into a deep depression and then is a victim of alcohol and drugs. After Anna Belle meets Drago in rehab, she is drawn to Drago.

He becomes King and the couple return to their castle. He still attempts to keep Anna Belle happy. Anna Belle agrees to have children because her mother insists they should.

Anna Belle is aware that something is wrong, but she refuses to admit it until she’s in a state of denial. What if I said that her father had the plan to trap her in her private bedroom?

He was determined to take over his daughter’s life and prevent any potential rivals from taking over following his death.

The game’s outcome is the first person she would sleep with, an old friend from her childhood. She became the emperor, and they had two children in the conclusion.

So I’ve read that he’s in fact in no way blood-related with FL, however, the prior monarch, their father was given a semi–permanent infertility pill by their grandma/previous queen.

So there’s no chance of conceiving with Pamela. The antidote was provided to him after he was married to FL’s mother.

FL explained the brother’s appearance by the fact that Pamela (the brother’s mother) was with a man who looked like a prince.

One reason Pamela is so enraged by FL since she can demonstrate the legitimacy of Brother. Therefore, FL is a danger to them.

Truth About Bastian’s Son

The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter Spoilers (Major).

Does anyone know if the particular baby is the Bastian’s son? I was sifting through the book, trying to look for Sno that was snu, and discovered that this guy (the emperor) has an unborn child, according to the novel.

The FL is full of details about how fake the child’s revelation was, however I’m still puzzled.

Are they really his children or did his mother find an unidentified woman with the same baby as the emperor, and then decide to inform people that it was his child?

Did she even drug the emperor, and then send an unnamed woman for a night with him and then bear his child?

Why FL Chose The Duke?

There are primarily two reasons why Fl chose the duke.

  1. The main reason is that she only has feelings for the duke. FL can never gain feelings for the priest or the knight because of the curse she was into to not fall in love. She chose the duke because her feelings for him developed before she was cursed.
  2. The second reason is also the right of succession to the thrown. Her personal experiences because of her stepmother trying to get her stepbrother to sit on the throne gave her a lot of grief and horrible memories. A neighboring kingdom or empire is also having a civil war over who gets the throne.

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